News: Those important disclaimers

Those important disclaimers

Any time you broach the subjects of natural or holistic health, you run into that gray murky area where you have to watch what you write and make sure you are not making any claims that the FDA does not approve.

I actually don't want to delve too much into "curing" or "treating" anything on this world, and focus instead on good nutrition in general as well as the lifestyle implications of making certain nutritional choices.  But "good nutrition" I mean Weston Price nutrition.  By "certain nutritional choices," I mean in particular the choice to avoid consuming refined flour and sugar.

However, we make the choices we make because we form and hold certain beliefs about what those choices will do for us.  In my situation, I witnessed first hand how much removing white flour and sugar from my daughter's diet while also giving her special supplements and rich foods noticeably slowed down the rate of decay in her teeth.  I also read Dr. Weston Price's book that meticulously chronicled what happened to people's teeth based on what they ate.  Our experience has lead my husband and me to conclude that our daughter's tooth decay was caused by a combination of poor nutrition (which we improved) and some toxic effect of refined flour.  This has also lead us to believe taking the steps we are taking might slow down tooth decay in other children and would certainly be worth trying.

However, I make no claims about dietary choices "curing" or "treating" dental decay or any other health condition in the medical sense.  I am not a medical doctor or dentist and by law I cannot make such claims or give medical or dental advice.

You need to make your own health and dietary decisions for you and your family just as my husband and I have made ours.  If you've decided for whatever reason to cut the refined flour and sugar out of your diet, then let's talk about how we make it work.  If you're considering making that choice, then I'm happy to share about my experience so you can make a more informed choice.  But I can't and won't make that decision for you, and I can't and won't make any claims or promises about what it will do for your health.  You do your homework, form your beliefs based on what you learn, make the best choice you can make, and own your decision.

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