Forum Thread: Top Reasons Why Panchgani Tourist Places Top in India?

Panchgani is one of the distinguished hill stations in Maharashtra in India. It is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist places in Maharashtra also known as 'land of five hills'. Panchgani is blessed with several tourist attractions that are one of the most preferred tourist spots in Maharashtra. The town is blessed with various sightseeing places that are refreshing and worth visiting.

The glimpse if the barren land is also very interesting. Tableland offers such wonderful views along with the opportunity to indulge in a sport, like paragliding. Another stunning tourist attraction is the kate's point which has immense beauty to captivate you. Tourists can also enjoy the views of Kamalgarh, Dhol Dham, and Manderdeo. In addition, Lingmala falls is also one of the gorgeous places to see. Mesmerizing view of the descending waterfall will refresh you no matter how much tired you are of sightseeing.

Panchgani is not limited to this; it has much more in store for its visitors. This paradise is the perfect example of a travel destination that one dreams for a holiday purpose. Simply by browsing over the information and photos of Panchgani, you can get the idea of how this place is much more favorable for a vacation than any other. Also, according to Panchgani travel guide, the top 10 tourist destinations that are must visit are mentioned below. The list of Panchgani tourist places to visit is given as follows:

  1. Kates Point
  2. Dhom Dam
  3. Sydney Point
  4. Table Land
  5. Lingmala Falls
  6. Parsi Point
  7. Harrison's Folly
  8. Bombay Point
  9. Kaas plateau
  10. Mapro garden

In Panchgani, you have options to shop as well. The markets mushrooming with handmade goods look very decorative and can make you stop to buy those at once. Leather products, slippers, and bags are some of the eye-catching souvenirs that you can take away back to your home. Also, Panchgani has a wide range of foods to serve you. vegetarian, non-vegetarian and street food like pav bhaji and keema paav are preferred.

Besides, there is no issue regarding the accommodation as well in Panchgani. Hotels and resorts are available according to your budgets easily. Planning a tour of this beautiful city will worth your decision. Panchgani is an inviting city for all kind of people. Hence, go ahead and explore the best of Maharashtra by visiting Panchgani.

So, plan your Panchgani tour itinerary carefully so that you can enjoy every tourist attraction in Panchgani to the fullest. Instead of visiting nearby places in Panchgani, you should also enjoy the flavor of local foods, cultural arts, and local bazaar while exploring Panchgani. Designed for providing affordable tour packages, the ClearHolidays travel app is everything what a traveller requires grabbing deals on tour packages and winning a chance to WIN a FREE tour package every month. No one can beat the cost of our tour packages at and travellers get budgeted and low priced family holiday packages, honeymoon packages, and group tour packages at our travel website.

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